Thursday, 24 December 2015

Happy hrrry Christmas

Hello everyone.  It's that time of year when Gadzooks likes to break into a mince pie and watch a few Pixar animations on TV!  While he's doing that, I thought I'd put up a quick post to thank those of you who continue to show your love and support for The Last Dragon Chronicles.  It's amazing to think that The Fire Within is now FIFTEEN years old, yet we're still receiving fan mail about the series, from new and old readers alike. In fact, in the last few weeks one very nice man has been posting lovely reviews of The Dragons of Wayward Crescent, and also one of The Fire Within.  It's been fantastic to see them.  Children are still studying the books for school projects.  And every month someone writes and begs me to do another book for the series, despite the fact it ended three years ago!  I know that everyone who reads this misses the Pennykettle dragons.  I do too.  But we have to move on in life, and anyway 2016 could be a BIG year for dragons.  If you've been reading previous posts you'll know that I have not one, but TWO new series out, and both are heavily connected with dragons.  The most obvious series is the ERTH DRAGONS.  The first book, The Wearle, came out in hardback in the UK this October (2015).  It was fairly quiet release and not many people are aware of the book's existence yet.  But that will change in April 2016 when the paperback comes out in the UK.  And later that year, you should see the book in America as well.  That will happy a lot of people (including me!)  Also, don't dismiss the third book of my UNICORNE FILES series, which comes out in May/June in both countries (and Australia).  It's called A Crown of Dragons.  It's not specifically about dragons in the same way that The Wearle is, but it looks at the very interesting idea of what influences dragons might have had on humans.  I recommend it - well, fair enough, I would!  But seriously, if you like dragons, give the UFiles a read.  I've included links to both series in the titles above.
Have a really lovely Christmas everyone.  Do keep writing to me about the Chronicles if you wish.  I will answer your messages, though it sometimes takes a while.  Happy reading.  Gadzooks says hrrr!

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